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Photography Classes

Photography Walking Tours

The Photographer’s Tour of Bordeaux


...During the tour, you will be guided 

throughout the city of Bordeaux, seeing all

the main monuments, as well as a few hidden gems, 

all of which are perfect photo ops...

  • Begin the day with an informative and comprehensive lesson in using your camera by a professional photographer.

  • During the 3 hour tour, you will stop at numerous locations around Bordeaux, including major monuments, cathedrals, towers, gardens, and more.

  • At each location you will review various aspects of photography, such as shutter speed, aperture/depth of field, lighting, and composition, as well as receive individual guidance to help you achieve great results.

  • Your knowledgeable guide will also offer historical information about each location to help give your photographs a story.

  • End the tour at a local hotspot for a drink* and a review of your best shots with a critique to help you advance in your photography skills.

  • This tour is designed to teach you how to take great photographs on your travels and thereafter.

  • This tour requires a group of 2 - 8 people.

  • Children are welcome!


* Drinks are not included in the tour rate.

If you are looking to get away from the typical sites, let me know, and I will focus your photography tour towards charming side streets, quaint plazas, local hot spots, or even industrial spaces... what ever calls to your artistic senses, Bordeaux has it all!


Additional Options
    This tour can de designed to meet your needs! Please let me know what your interests and wishes are for your tour and visit of Bordeaux.
Possible options include...
  • Specified locations
  • Additional time (with more locations)
  • Groups of more than 8 people
  • Hire a model F/M
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